Luggage for Senior Travelers

Senior LuggageThere’s nothing more exciting than taking a long-awaited vacation—especially if you’re a senior traveler.  Once you’ve got your tickets purchased and plans set in place, it’s time to make some important decisions.  What luggage should I choose for senior traveler?

"Lean on" ?

The Walkin'Bag’s curved handle allows you to "lean" on it for support. Imagine standing in those long airport check-in lines and being able to lean on a device that gives your back and legs support. And, you really can "lean on it" comfortably and confidently, even while you’re walking.

Bag with seat for senior travelerHave a seat

If you need break from standing, have a seat. At the click of a button you have a built-in seat that easily lifts-up and sets in place. No matter where you are you’ll always have a place to sit and take a quick rest.

Maneuvering Rolling Tote

Wouldn’t it be nice if your bag easily glided alongside you like an extension of your own body?   No more pulling.  No pushing.  No more dragging your bag behind you. Swivel Glide four-wheel technology makes maneuvering luggage through crowded and narrow walkways a breeze for senior traveler.


Heavy luggage can cause problems when you’re traveling.
A pulled muscle or a strained back is not something you want to deal with while you’re on vacation.  For senior travelers, consider our Ultra light-weight Walkin'Bags.


It’s important, especially for senior travelers, to have immediate access to passports, medication, cell phones, and other important travel items. So, storing your bag under your seat may be your best option. Walkin'Bag is carry-on compliant and can store under most airline seats.

Recognizable Bag for SeniorsRecognizable

After a long plane ride, you want to quickly retrieve your luggage and be on your way.  To make it easy on yourself, bright colors are always help.